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What could you achieve if you understood your campus buildings better?

utiliVisor helps universities and colleges across the country spend less money on operations, make data-driven decisions, and (verifiably) lower their carbon footprint. Here are some of their stories.

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Decarbonization starts with submetering

Whether you're tracking ESG data or identifying opportunities for efficiencies, submetering is the essential first step. This guide walks you through:

  • What submetering is
  • Why knowing energy data by area is critical
  • How submetering drives efficiency & savings
  • A description of the steps involved
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Prepare your buildings for the future

Part of New York City's Climate Mobilization Act, local laws LL88 & LL97 require property owners to provide accurate records of utility consumption to their tenants and to the city administration. Get a handle on both laws, as well as trustworthy resources to deepen your understanding, in this quick overview guide.

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