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We hired utiliVisor because we wanted a submetering company that had technology, not a technology company that did submetering.

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What Is Submetering and Why Does It Matter?

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What if you could track how each service area uses energy?

Submetering of each service area in a building — offices, data centers, kitchens, studio production, and common areas — allows building managers, property owners, utilities engineers, and facility directors to track the utility consumption by area type or tenant. 

utiliVisor uses proprietary software coupled with our Operations Center hub of expert engineers, data analysts, and billing specialists to bring you a comprehensive submetering solution. We ensure that have accurate, verifiable submetering data that you can use to recover your utility costs, bill your tenants accurately, and educate your tenants on how to lower their utility usage — saving money for you both.

Floor plan showing two floors of one business with multiple uses including galleries, public space, offices, equipment, and kitchen/restaurant areas
Utility usage can vary widely when spaces serve very different needs. This museum floor plan depicts some of the common service areas that benefit from submetering, such as galleries, offices, and a restaurant.

Complex buildings deserve comprehensive solutions.

Watch How utiliVisor's Energy Stack® Gives You the Data You Need
“Some of our properties are older, and utiliVisor is helping bring our centers into the 21st century. They visit sites, create reports on equipment performance, and include replacement costs complete with an ROI in terms of years and costs.

utiliVisor works with our brokers and bank lenders. They help us coordinate renovations that make our properties more energy efficient — increasing our profitability and reducing energy consumption by revamping our central plants, installing or adding to our building automation systems, improving air filtration, and relamping LED lighting throughout the properties.

They're detailed-oriented, and the fact that they’re looking for profitability for the client is my biggest pat on the back for utiliVisor.”

Saving money starts with accurate, verifiable data


Remote Reading:

Our automated system collects readings in 15-minute intervals. This data is then reviewed by our operations experts to make sure no meters have dropped offline and to look for spikes or dips in readings. Should we suspect a problem, we’ll reach out to you with specific recommendations to make sure your billing data is accurate.


Manual Reading:

Our team of meter readers use handheld devices preloaded with property-specific thresholds to catch and verify exceptions BEFORE they leave the premises. Readings outside the standard range are double-checked onsite and flagged, and reader observations are documented. Any flagged readings are reviewed by our operations experts, who review your system's data holistically and reach out to help you resolve the issue before an invoice is generated.

utiliVisor is product-agnostic and works with all meter types and brands. 

How We Ensure Accurate Billing Learn About Our Operations Center

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