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Preserve your high standard of patient care

When you work in a hospital, you don't deal in wants, you deal in needs.

To create a healing environment, patients must be kept comfortable. But the demands don't stop there. People with a high need of care come and go all day every day, and situations change constantly, down to the room level. This dynamic environment creates unique challenges for the facilities team that is keeping everything functioning.

Do any of these challenges sound familiar?

Spaces in your facility are constantly being repurposed.

Every department in your hospital has different requirements.

Fresh air circulation competes with your operating budget.

Operations staff are overworked and undermanned, with little time or information with which to be strategic.

Medical staff get frustrated because they don't understand why systems are operated the way they are.

Medical staff don't always understand the implications of taking down a piece of equipment.

Your BAS provides little to no insight into the actual operational condition of your equipment.

Installers don't check how old and new equipment will interact.

Get Better Visibility Into Your Operations

Lower costs and increase staff satisfaction with expert support

utiliVisor's energy plant services can help you with:

  • Multi-fuel operations
  • Training of operating engineers
  • Predictive operations/cost and energy forecasting
  • Validation of system performance
  • Plant upgrades and performance adjustments/fine-tuning, including BAS
  • Putting dollar values on consequences of action vs inaction
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Operate smoothly on all levels

Hospitals don't shut down. They don't close. They don't go home on weekends.

So when your facilities crew is short-staffed and always under pressure, they don't have the time to weigh options and calculate out which combination of chillers and pumps is the cheapest to run right now or which cooling tower is the most efficient under current conditions.

For example, utiliVisor's historical database and analysis services can figure out whether your operators really need that second chiller on an 80-degree day or whether conditions can be satisfied with just a single unit. We can also help you figure out the best time for major maintenance to minimize both disruption and costs.

Whether it's reducing the flow, checking the charge on the chiller, or troubleshooting the alarms on the MRI, we can help you make your operations work a little better or be a little more efficient.

See how we do our analyses.

District Energy Plant & Cogeneration Resources for Hospitals

Maintain your resiliency at a lower cost

Hospitals are always open for business, even during natural disasters. The ability to generate power onsite increases flexibility and self-sufficiency, but it also adds another set of variables to consider when keeping overall costs low. It's important that your facilities crew knows how much the utility is currently charging vs. what it will cost to generate onsite. 

Managed by experts in data analysis, utiliVisor's energy monitoring services track ongoing utility rates and compare them to site generation costs. That way you know when you should be generating onsite and when it's cheaper to buy from the utility and save your resources.

Supporting your mission

We help hospitals improve energy visibility and efficiency and safeguard patient care

Patient comfort is first and foremost at every level of hospital operations. Partnering with utiliVisor supports your utility engineers and facilities crew with:

  • Identified energy savings
  • Simple (i.e., achievable, doable, easy to implement) solutions to complex problems
  • Prioritized energy conservation measures based on ROI 
  • Helpful visualizations of your data 
  • Granular budget forecasting and comparison with actuals
  • A data repository & continuity of knowledge of how your system has operated over time
  • Validation of the results of third-party energy services companies (e.g., HVAC retrofits, lighting upgrades) 
  • Determination – engineer to engineer – of root causes for system/equipment failure
  • Calculations and support for financial incentive programs
  • Targeted, actionable recommendations for efficiency opportunities, with clear explanations with enough detail for operators and enough context for directors and accountants
  • Monthly updates on how much money and energy you are saving
  • Business intelligence (BI) tools—see your savings in real time in the format you prefer

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