About utiliVisor

Our Experience Speaks For Itself

Started over three decades ago, utiliVisor is a national company helping well-known clients and properties to optimize their energy usage. Our in-depth expertise and hands-on experience in the energy plant and submetering industry, has allowed us to develop unique processes that continually yield results for our clients. But don’t just take our word for it. We’ve got the numbers to back it up.

Numbers Speak Louder Than Words

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Experts In Energy Efficiency

As a privately-owned company in New York City, utiliVisor is a large team of talented, driven, and dedicated energy experts.

Our combined experience in building operations, central/chilled water/boiler, cogeneration plants, and metering allows us to provide clients with unparalleled insights into their energy usage and, more importantly, offer them sound strategies for sustained energy savings.

Our leadership team includes industry leaders with vast experience in energy management, analytics, engineering, technology, project management, sustainability, billing analysis, and customer support.

Energy Insight Platform

Beyond our experienced team and thirty-five years of proven success, utiliVisor offers clients the unique benefit of being product agnostic. This means we don’t make or sell meters, software, or any hardware. So when we recommend a product as part of our energy efficiency strategy, it’s because we believe it’s the best solution for your needs—not because we have a personal stake in it.

Our energy insight platform software and information hub make it easy for you to monitor progress, check reports, and make sure everything is running as efficiently as possible. But behind that web interface is an actual operations center, staffed by a team of expert engineers—all working around the clock to collect real-time data, analyze it, and adjust strategies if necessary. It really is like having your own personal team of energy efficiency experts on staff to solve your complex technical issues.

Richard Angerame, CEO of utiliVisor, standing in a suit in a conference room

Message from the CEO.

Our company’s purpose is to help building owners and plant managers make sense of their energy insights in this confusing market. Today, a large amount of revenue is not billed correctly because of inaccurate submetering systems. 30% of electric meters installed in commercial offices are installed incorrectly, and there are less trained operators than ever before. Plus, operators’ focus is often on solving tenant complaints instead of energy efficiency. 

What most owners and managers do to improve their energy efficiency is to buy a one-size-fits-all software and technology. However, for most people - it doesn’t work. 

A long-term energy savings solution requires more than software and utility platforms.

The difference between a software or utility platform and a long-term energy solution comes down to 3 distinct factors:

  1. A solution focuses on technology and product agnostic solutions that deliver measurable results.
  2. A solution should provide real-time actionable information to all the energy stakeholders in jointly achieving energy efficiency and cost reduction.
  3. A solution should streamline the submetering process so that the solution is personalized to meet the specific needs and goals of your building or facility, and the tenant’s lease.
  4. A solution requires a 3rd party team but also provides on-going monitoring and support for training, oversight, and metering system plant data.  

When you have a long-term energy solution, you experience optimized systems and equipment, significant savings in energy costs, as well as operational hours you didn’t have before. 

utiliVisor is dedicated to providing clients with actionable energy insights that drive efficient and sustainable solutions. 

If you’d like to discuss how utiliVisor can create a solution for your unique energy needs, contact us here, and one of our energy experts will reach out.


Richard Angerame
President and CEO