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Helping Complex Businesses Monetize Their Operations

Your job is to keep everything running at the lowest cost possible. Our job is to find you savings without compromising performance.

utiliVisor helps property owners, managers, operating engineers, and sustainability directors put a dollar value to every piece of operations equipment and every tenant's utility usage through our energy plant and submetering services. 

We help you streamline labor-intensive processes like tenant billing and figure out what's the lowest-cost piece of equipment to run right now, what's most cost-effective to run in the next big weather event, and how each piece of equipment is performing overall.

Clients often see savings within the first 30 days of engaging with us. Those savings increase with time and are sustained. 

How Clients Use Our Services

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Who we are (and aren't)

utiliVisor is not a software company or a call center.

We are a family-operated, full-service engineering company with 4 decades of experience in facilities operations and maintenance. We understand the complexity of buildings and the uniqueness of each client's situation and needs.

Building owners, portfolio managers, facility directors, and directors of sustainability partner with us to make their jobs easier, reduce their energy usage, and save money.

For Commercial Real Estate, Retail Centers, Hospitals, Universities, and Transit Hubs

What we do

Complex, hard-working mechanical and software systems deserve to run at peak efficiency. Our company was founded on the idea of helping building owners, facility plant managers, and directors of sustainability understand and improve their utility usage through accurate data and powerful energy insights.

Our services include:

  • Utility submetering (aka sub-metering) for accurate cost allocations to tenants, occupants, and departments

  • Energy plant services that include metering, monitoring, and optimization of building plants, central/chilled water/boilers, and cogeneration (aka district energy) plants
Learn About Our Energy Plant Services Learn How to Allocate Costs Through Submetering
There's nobody who can do it better than the utiliVisor team. And it's passed on from Richard, the company's knowledge and integrity. The Angerame family creates a culture that they instill in the rest of the utiliVisor group — and it's second to none.

A culture of service

utiliVisor's principles are based on our experiences as students at SUNY Maritime College* and on our own uniformed service, where respect, loyalty, and long relationships are the norm. utiliVisor's team is dedicated to providing customers with the service they deserve.

Unlike many companies in our industry, we have extraordinarily low turnover. Our continuity of knowledge and institutional knowledge is unique in the industry. 

*Approximately 25% of the utiliVisor team graduated from SUNY Maritime College and has completed maritime service.

A passion for performance

Isometric aerial view inside of utiliVisor's operations center with people desks monitors and TVs

The utiliVisor Operations Center

Your partner in total system efficiency

Got a question, need a sounding board, need to verify a tenant or departmental billing?

Data isn't just a bunch of numbers in our Operations Center. We are staffed by dedicated lead analysts, engineers, and data and billing analysts who know what your operations data should and shouldn't look like.

Our actionable insights help you to do your job better, easier, and faster. 

Learn More About Our Operations Center Learn About Our Data Analysis Platform
I like who we are as individuals and as a team. And what we do matters to the world we live in.
utiliVisor Trilogy Graphic – highlighting the integration of buildings and data through teamwork, technology, and analytics
utiliVisor has the team, the tech, and the analytics that clients need to drive savings.
The utiliVisor Difference

Experience expertise & service

  • Experienced engineers and energy analysts who collaborate with you and your team
  • Billing analysts who can spot problems before you bill clients
  • Highly developed proprietary IoT software to give you access to the data you need
  • Industry benchmarking and 40 years of historical data for clearer insights and decisions
Solutions tailored for your unique situation

Our loyalty is to our clients, not manufacturers

At utiliVisor, we are product-agnostic. We don’t sell software or make or sell meters or any other type of hardware. 

When we recommend a product as part of our energy efficiency strategy, it’s because we believe it’s the best, most cost-effective solution for your needs — not because we have a personal stake in it.

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Long-term energy solutions are our mission

See How Your Utility Data Is Handled
Our clients are people who are vested in providing operational excellence to their customers through utility production and submetering.

Our services provide them with people, support, insight, and expertise in these complex systems and substantiate — with actual performance data — that their work is having a positive impact on their organization.

Examples of this are a lower cost of utility production, effective dispatch of the plant resources, reduction of false tonnages, and utility waste. Our clients can articulate the financial and efficient impact our engagement has had on their organization at any interval of our engagement.

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