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Submetering Challenges for Hospitals

Why hospitals need submetering

  • Multiple types of stakeholders need concise, clear data.
  • Allocating energy costs accurately by department makes budgets easier to plan, identifies energy savings more easily, and provides the data required to apply for utility incentives.
  • Energy requirements based on need vary tremendously:
    • Medical office buildings require less energy than surgical units or labs.
    • The type of utilities needed (electric, chilled water, hot water, steam, gas, condenser water) changes depending on the use of that space.
    • Large common areas create cost allocation issues.
  • New fresh-air requirements increase costs that need to be understood and allocated.
  • Federally funded research expenses are more easily recovered.
Let's use a medical school as an example.... If you can't define and delineate with submetering — the energy consumption that's going in these labs versus your assembly classrooms — the default value is to take all of the energy usage and divide it by the square feet and then apply it that way, which is not as accurate as using submeter data....

It is also going to result in significantly higher fines to a building owner or that particular medical school, because when you divide it by square feet and you've got classrooms and labs, you're going to be subject, cost averaging among the space types, to a lower cap [on emissions].
Accurate, Verifiable Meter Readings = Easier Department Billing

How utiliVisor can help

40+ years of historical data and industry trends help hospitals accurately capture and allocate utility costs through:

  • Our expertise in allocating common area cost among stakeholders 
  • Access to data through mobile app and customer web portal
  • Third-party review of billing provides transparency and increases stakeholder confidence in resulting invoices

Departmental billing made easier:

  • Third-party review of billing (utiliVisor’s Operations Center) that provides transparency and increases stakeholder confidence in resulting invoices
  • Verifiable, accurate reading of meters
  • Real-time reporting of anomalies with smart alert notifications (reducing annoyance alerts)
  • Billing packages always reviewed for accuracy before invoicing departments
  • Our team of billing analysts available to you to answer your questions and advise you of any issues

Reduced errors through smart manual and remote meter reading:

  • The pen-and-clipboard method produces many opportunities for error. Improving your meter reading, whether manual or remote, increases accuracy and makes for easier department billing:
    • utiliVisor’s meter readers record your manual meter readings in our app, which are immediately checked for anomalies by the reader and our Operations Center staff. 
    • Monthly meter readings - via remote or manually read meters, are reviewed for anomalies by our Operations Center’s billing analysts. 
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