PDH Lunch & Learn - Submetering and Energy Plant Services

New York law requires all licensed professional engineers to complete 36 hours of continuing education in order to renew their license.  
To make getting your PDH credits easier - and help build long-lasting client satisfaction - utiliVisor has developed a free 1-hour PDH course for building engineers on Submetering and Energy Plant Oversight Best Practices

This “Lunch and Learn” course, developed in compliance with NYS Mandatory Continuing Education requirements for Professional Engineers and approved by the Practicing Institute of Engineering, Inc. (PIE), provides guidance on:

  • How to use submetering and energy plant optimization to recoup tenant costs and decrease unforeseen expenses
  • Where submetering plans tend to go wrong
  • What equipment and systems not to recommend
  • Setting realistic owner expectations about plant operations on Day 2
  • How to find and validate new energy conservation measures
  • Financial incentives to minimize your customers’ capital spend 

Taught by Tim Angerame, utiliVisor COO and a trained engineer, certified energy manager, and LEED accredited professional, this course also features examples of practical use cases that illustrate and help you troubleshoot common facility owner frustrations.  

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