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Ditch that clipboard.
Use what the pros use.

The MyRead Pro app makes manual meter reading & tenant billing fast, easy, and accurate.

  • Read your own meters.
  • Get validated tenant invoices.
  • Recoup more in utility costs.
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The app is perfect and made reading so much quicker.

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Finally, a GOOD app for meter reading and tenant billing

Say goodbye to confusing reads and the invoicing grind. The MyRead Pro app frees up hours, or even days, each month.

MyRead Pro gives you the freedom of do-it-yourself meter reading with done-for-you billing so you  – and your tenants – know your readings and your invoices are accurate.

Each reading is immediately and securely uploaded and verified by expert billing analysts, who then use those validated values to quickly prepare billing packages for your tenants.

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For all utility types

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Fully scalable
(3 meters or 300)

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Validated readings and
real-time alerts

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Streamlined tenant billing

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Developed by us, for everyone.

Manual meter reading sounds straightforward. The reality is anything but. Binders, clipboards, and handheld "bricks" are cumbersome and error-prone. They also don't flag problems fast enough.

We wanted a solution that was convenient, easy, quick, AND accurate. We couldn't find one good enough, so we created it ourselves! 

MyRead Pro automatically uploads your readings, alerts you right away to missing or inconsistent values, and keeps your meter data accessible and organized. 

Just 3 steps to get started

Step one Download the app.

Use the link below to download MyRead Pro from the App Store to your iPhone (it's FREE).

(An Android version of the app is currently in the planning stages.)

Step two Tell us your deets.

Talk to our Operations Center to get your specifics in our system. We need your:

  • building info
  • meter info
  • lease terms
  • reading schedule

Contact us now.

Step three Start reading!

Once your account is configured, you're ready to start reading.

The app will list your meters in the order and on the schedule requested. Change anything with a quick email or phone call. 

Increased NOI

Raise your bottom line

Too many buildings have inaccurate meter readings, bad spreadsheet formulas, or both. The result: properties that undercharge for tenant utility costs and overpay for common area costs. But with MyRead Pro, you get expert help to make sure you recoup everything you're owed.

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Not screw-up-able

Read with confidence

With MyRead Pro, you don't need to be a professional meter reader to get the numbers right. The app walks you through reading each meter type. It also ensures that you take a clear photo of each read before you can move on, and our meter experts verify your reading against the photo to make sure they match (and correct the reading if they don't).

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No New Hardware Needed

Change none of your current setup

We hate to spend money as much as you do. That's why our app, like all our offerings, works with the equipment you already have. MyRead Pro works with all types of utilities, major meter brands, and accountant/ESG-software platforms.

(Currently for iPhones only: Android version to come)

View our integrations
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Prepared billing packages

Say goodbye to invoice headaches

Still creating tenant invoices with a spreadsheet created who-knows-when using who-knows-what criteria? MyRead Pro uploads your meter reads to our Operations Center. There, our billing experts review your readings for anomalies and prepare invoices according to your tenants' lease terms and TOU rates. Every month, you get fully prepared, easy-to-read billing packages, complete with plain-language explanations for any exceptions.

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Comprehensive support

Get help in plain English

The app comes with responsive support from utiliVisor's Operations Center experts. Get questions answered by a real person about any part of the process, from taking a reading to reviewing the bills. Our goal is to ensure you always understand where your numbers come from and why they're valid.


Frequently Asked Questions

Ready to put down that clipboard?

Bad meter readings and complicated spreadsheets waste time and lose money.
Put more back in your pocket with the app designed and used by submetering experts.