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35% of meters are installed incorrectly, which means you’re losing money. Can you afford inaccurate data?

*Based on utiliVisor's statistics. 

Our Submetering Process What Is Submetering?
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Submetering solutions for complex properties

Complex businesses deserve submetering services that solve problems and answer questions.

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Why choose utiliVisor for your submetering?

With over 40+ years of industry data and trends, IoT software, and a team of engineers, data and billing analysts, you get an approach that's holistic and provides actionable data to help you make decisions. 

Most submetering companies are really just software providers. But "plug and play" software can't provide insight or help you correct issues before the billing package goes out.

The utiliVisor difference is in our submetering process and the level of service you receive from our Operations Center.

See How We Ensure Accurate Billing Packages

Verify utility bill rates against the actual tariffs filed by the utility companies

Flag exceptions showing significant increases or decreases for meters (exceptions process)

Monitor, verify, validate and double-check the data BEFORE your tenants are billed

Identify usage patterns & exceptions; identify tenancy changes

Contact you before bills are processed if there are issues for remediation

Analyze load factors, noting impossible and zero loads

Provide you with a team of billing and energy analysts, and engineers that work with you and answer your questions.

Give you access to all your data via mobile app and web portal.

Flexibility to change as you need

Metering & submetering services

Core Metering and Submetering Services

Additional Services / As-Needed Services

  • Field accuracy meter testing: electric, BTU, flow
  • Electrical metering and utility measurement
  • Public light and power surveys/building common area cost analysis
  • Utility financial tracking  
  • Electric / BTU / flow testing 
  • Remote metering system design 
  • Pre-construction consultation on design and construction of submetering

Need submetering in New York?

utiliVisor is a NYSERDA*-qualified vendor for the Real-Time Energy Management + Tenants program (RTEM + Tenants). We are also a NYSERDA-qualified RTEM vendor (since the program's inception in 2016). 

*New York State Energy Research and Development Authority

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