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submetering overview

35% of meters are installed incorrectly, which means you’re losing money. Can you afford inaccurate data?

Trusted by our customers

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Why choose utiliVisor for your submetering?

You deserve more than software. You deserve a team of people who analyze your submetering data and become a part of your team.

The utiliVisor difference means we:

Verify utility bill rates against the actual tariffs filed by the utility companies

Flag exceptions showing significant increases or decreases for meters (exceptions process)

Monitor, verify, validate and double-check the data BEFORE your tenants are billed

Identify usage patterns & exceptions; identify tenancy changes

Contact you before bills are processed if there are issues for remediation

Analyze load factors, noting impossible and zero loads

Provide you with a team of billing and energy analysts, and engineers that work with you and answer your questions.

Give you access to all your data via mobile app and web portal.

Why submeter?

Submetering and accurate data can save money and increase energy efficiency if you have the right people, experience, and software.

Saving Money Starts With Accurate Data


Meters can be read remotely:

Our automated system collects readings in 15-minute intervals. This data is then reviewed by our operations experts to make sure no meters have dropped offline and to look for spikes or dips in readings. Should we suspect a problem, we’ll reach out to you with specific recommendations to make sure your billing data is accurate.


Meters can be read manually:

Our team of meter readers use handheld devices preloaded with property-specific thresholds to catch and verify exceptions BEFORE they leave the premises. Readings outside the standard range are double-checked onsite, flagged, and reader observations documented. Any flagged readings are reviewed by our operations experts, who review your system's data holistically and reach out to help you resolve the issue before an invoice is generated.

Benefits you'll receive as a customer

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Access to Operations Team

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Billing Package/Monthly Deliverables

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Alerts at Your Fingertips With Our Mobile App

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Website Portal With as Much Granularity as You Require

We Provide Energy Insights to Over:

Remotely Read Meters
Manually Read Meters
Total Meters

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Experience expertise and service

Submetering for complex clients

Complex businesses deserve submetering that solves problems and answers questions. 

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Large Commercial Real Estate Buildings

vector graphic of a multi-use building

Multi-Tenant, Multi-Use Retail Buildings With or Without Residential

Transportation and Transit Hubs

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Hospitals and Research Centers

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Universities and College Campuses

District Energy Plants

utiliVisor is proud to be an RTEM + Tenants partner

Part of NYC's RTEM program since the beginning

Real-time energy management systems use meters, sensors, and controls to collect and analyze data about your building’s energy performance. 

RTEM systems improve building efficiency and reliability and help commercial building owners focus efforts where they’re really needed.

Insights from this data can help you:

  • Prevent unexpected breakdowns,
  • Minimize and justify capital expenditures, and
  • Reduce energy usage and utility spend.

Additional benefits include:

  • Centralized utility tracking (one screen to rule them all)
  • Effective management of generation assets
  • Optimized maintenance schedules
  • Identification of faulty equipment and efficiency opportunities
  • Ability to shift demand to off-peak periods and/or onsite generation or storage

utiliVisor has been a NYSERDA-qualified RTEM vendor since the program's inception in 2016. 

NYC Commercial Buildings

Clarity for New York City Building Owners

There is so much misinformation, and there's so much confusion. And I think when building owners are confused, their default is to do nothing. And that's the most dangerous thing that a building owner can be doing right now.

In 2024, New York City will enact Local Law 97 (LL97), which sets aggressive new carbon emissions limits for buildings within the 5 boroughs.

Fines for emissions that exceed these new caps will be levied annually, and the limits become significantly tighter in 2030. Approximately 80% of building owners will need to retrofit equipment, initiate energy efficiencies, and incentivize tenants to reduce usage if they are going to bring their buildings into compliance.

To learn more about LL97, listen to this audio series on the challenges and realities of LL97 for building owners, tenants, and brokers. Featuring Richard Angerame, president of utiliVisor, and Jennifer Kearney, partner at Gotham Energy 360, this discussion walks you through the impact of LL97, how you can best prepare, and what mitigation and financing options are available right now.

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