Energy Plant Services for Commercial Buildings

Make money from your properties and still have happy tenants.

Keep your tenants comfortable and monetize your properties with accurate data and advice from experts in complexity. Our brand-agnostic advice gives you the best-performing solutions, not the trendiest.

Isometric commercial building and energy usage optimization and monitoring through BMS & BAS

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The many challenges of commercial real estate

Monetizing commercial property means understanding and juggling many competing interests and requirements. These include:

Tenant Issues

  • Keeping everybody comfortable while minimizing costs
  • Helping tenants with their sustainability efforts

Business Issues

  • Maintaining profitability as telecommuting increases and desired square footage drops

Technical Concerns

  • A shrinking and constantly churning talent pool of operating engineers and facility crew
  • Increasing complexity as chillers and other system components continue to advance technologically

Requirement Concerns

  • Impacts of local legislation
  • Certifications such as LEED® or Energy Star® that require additional reporting and expertise
Use spreadsheets only when you want to

Get a clear visual of your building's utility usage

utiliVisor's energy plant services help you figure out which solutions are the most cost-effective and which are the most energy-efficient for your property and your tenant situation. We give you the analysis and insight to help you make strategic decisions and find your unique energy savings measures.

Our real-time energy monitoring is supported by our expert team of seasoned, certified engineers and analysts, who specialize in:

  • Equipment performance
  • Assistance in gaining utility incentives
  • Chiller plant, boiler plant, and CHP plant operations in all types of weather
  • Measurement and verification of system and project performance, individually as well as holistically

Billing tenants for their actual energy usage has multiple advantages, including:

  • Verification that rates conform to lease clauses
  • Better cost transparency
  • Energy conservation opportunities, because tenants understand their energy usage 
The driving factor is always how can we use less energy. Whether it's electric, steam, natural gas, or number two fuel oil, how can we reduce our consumption? That's always the priority.

Get help from the experts in efficiency and operations.

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Real-time energy management experts

Prevent breakdowns, protect capital, and increase efficiency

RTEM (real-time energy management) systems improve building efficiency and reliability and help commercial building owners focus efforts where they’re really needed.

Our RTEM services include:

  • Centralized utility tracking (one screen to rule them all)
  • Effective management of generation assets
  • Identification of faulty equipment and efficiency opportunities
  • Advice on shifting demand to off-peak periods and/or onsite generation or storage

utiliVisor has been a NYSERDA-qualified RTEM vendor since the program's inception in 2016. 

Utility Incentives, Including RTEM
Geographic Considerations for Commercial Property

Get recommendations specific to your regulatory environment

As a national company, utiliVisor is familiar with the criteria that change by city, state, and region, so you always get recommendations specific to your situation.

Local Laws - NYC LL97 Utility Incentives, Including C-PACE
NYC Commercial Buildings

Achieve clarity on LL97 and carbon emission limits

In 2024, New York City enacts Local Law 97 (LL97), which sets aggressive new carbon emissions limits for buildings within the 5 boroughs.

Fines for emissions that exceed these new caps will be levied annually, and the limits become significantly tighter starting in 2030. Approximately 80% of building owners will need to retrofit equipment, initiate energy efficiencies, and incentivize tenants to reduce usage if they are going to bring their buildings into compliance.

Learn more about LL97 in this audio series.

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