Utility Incentives: Energy Improvements Without Extra Costs

Applying for funding is easier with data.

Data is our business. Coupled with the experience of our Operations Center, your utility incentive application just got easier.

Utility Incentive Programs

Save money while increasing energy efficiency

Why incur extra costs when you can apply for financing?

If you want to qualify for a utility incentive to finance an energy conservation initiative, you need quality, verifiable data. As a utiliVisor customer, you have access to lead analysts and engineers in utiliVisor's Operations Center who will help you find ways to finance energy conservation projects via various utility incentive programs.

Utility Incentive Programs

Project Briefs

How we saved customers money and time


New York-Presbyterian (NYP): Condensate Polisher Analysis
The cost of this analysis was covered under NYP's existing monitoring contract.

  • For the condensate polisher project, utiliVisor was asked to provide an analysis of the impact of the energy savings.
  • utiliVisor was asked because a high estimate was provided by a consulting engineer.


New York Presbyterian (NYP) Hospital: ConEd Standby Reliability Credit
Over the past five years, this credit has saved NYP $1,700,000.

  • NYP started using the standby reliability credit in 2015.
  • That year, the hospital either had to install a New York State Public Service Commission (NYS PSC)-approved electric meter or have meter data approved by a New York State meter data service provider (MDSP).
  • utiliVisor is an MDSP, so we were able to approve the data and obtain the credit for NYP, delaying the costly installation of a meter.
  • In 2016, the PSC-approved meter had to be installed, so utiliVisor project-managed the installation of the meter and the coordination with ConEd.
  • utiliVisor continues to monitor the meter to ensure it is operating and communicating to ConEd. At the end of every performance period, we select the exclusion dates to maximize the credit. 


NYU Langone Medical Center: ConEd Standby Reliability Credit
Over the past five years, this credit has saved NYU Langone over $2M.

  • utiliVisor served as program manager for the installation of PSC-approved electric meters for inclusion into the ConEd program.
  • The monitored meter and communication to the meter to ensure data was captured and sent to ConEd. 
  • At the end of every performance period, we select the exclusion dates to maximize the credit. 
Massachusetts Incentive Program

Mass Save program

Biomedical Research Facility in Cambridge, Massachusetts
This incentive paid for utiliVisor’s connection and first year of monitoring fees.

  • Applied through Mass Save program
  • In the first year of brand new plant start-up, utiliVisor identified over $80,000 in improved energy conservation measures (15% of total plant chilled water generation).
    • Adjusted chiller panel speed settings
    • Revised condenser water reset schedule
    • Adjusted chilled water flow control logic combined with chiller staging
    • Determined efficiency breakpoints between free and mechanical cooling
New York State Incentive Program

utiliVisor is proud to be an RTEM + Tenants partner

Real-time energy management (RTEM) systems use meters, sensors, and controls to collect and analyze data about your building’s energy performance. 

RTEM systems improve building efficiency and reliability and help commercial building owners focus efforts where they’re really needed.

Insights from this data can help you:

  • Prevent unexpected breakdowns,
  • Minimize and justify capital expenditures, and
  • Reduce energy usage and utility spend.

Additional benefits include:

  • Centralized utility tracking (one screen to rule them all)
  • Effective management of generation assets
  • Optimized maintenance schedules
  • Identification of faulty equipment and efficiency opportunities
  • Ability to shift demand to off-peak periods and/or onsite generation or storage

utiliVisor has been a NYSERDA-qualified RTEM vendor since the program's inception in 2016.