Why Choose utiliVisor?

An extra set of eyes to help you reach and sustain your energy goals

Your facilities are like a finely tuned race car—a highly advanced piece of engineering made up of thousands of parts and maintained by specialists who keep everything going even under severe conditions.

Every driver relies on the support of their pit crew to achieve and maintain their machine's operating potential throughout the racing season. Similarly, the utiliVisor Operations Center is your team of experts to help you attain and then maintain your system's peak performance.


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Achieve your system's potential with the data and engineering experience of utiliVisor.

Empowering a More Efficient Future for Facilities Nationwide

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"Utilizing the expertise of the Operations Center is the most effective method of energy reduction and savings for our clients. utiliVisor’s engineers and analysts examine system performance and billing data continuously and alert building staff to any efficiencies or anomalies they see. With this information in hand, building staff can make facility improvements while maintaining operation and environmental comfort."
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utiliVisor's team, tech, and experience provide the clarity you need to be as efficient as absolutely possible.
Meeting your submetering & energy plant needs

Your Dedicated Team of Analysts, Engineers, and Billing Analysts

utiliVisor’s Operations Center is your own personal team of energy efficiency, operational, and billing analyst experts working around the clock to solve your complex technical issues.

Our Operations Center is staffed by a team of expert systems engineers working 24/7/365 to collect real-time data, analyze it, and help you adjust tactics if necessary.

How the Operations Center Works
Experience Expertise & Service

Get the service that drives savings

utiliVisor provides professional evaluation of utility plant and submetering systems, including:

  • Documentation of drift and deficiencies 
  • Reduced utility production costs
  • Increased revenue generation through submetering
  • Checks and balances on daily operational activities
  • On-site staff learning and improvement opportunities
  • Data gathering, analysis, and package creation for rebates and incentives, including RTEM
  • Monthly substantiation of the effectiveness of our engagement

*utiliVisor has been a NYSERDA-qualified RTEM vendor since the program's inception in 2016.

How Customers Use the Operations Center
“The team at utiliVisor is able to trend the way we operate, take all that data, forecast the next month or so, and give us suggestions on how we can operate or achieve the same results and still save.”

Ready to save 12% – 20% on your operations with minimal capital expenditure?

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