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Because Better Information Gives Better Results

Put dollar amounts on your costs of operation, find more efficient ways to run your plant, and maintain occupant comfort with better analysis and targeted advice from building experts.

Isometric commercial building and energy usage optimization and monitoring through BMS & BAS

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Move From Reactive to Proactive With Engineering Expertise on Demand

Your energy plant is a complex collection of systems, machinery, computers, and logistics that requires life cycle management and efficient, effective strategies. 

But your operators barely have time for a cup of coffee, much less a deep dive into your BMS and meter data to determine what changes make sense.

You need:

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Guiding Savings Through Experience

Learning what to do (and what not to do) in operations can be frustrating, time-consuming, and expensive.  

With 40+ years in building operations and maintenance, utiliVisor can help you jump ahead in your troubleshooting. Our expert engineers and analysts know the different types and different manufacturers of equipment. We know how each piece should be performing within your unique system and how to adjust settings and controls so that your entire plant is working efficiently.

Our Energy Plant Services include:

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utiliVisor has spent the last 20 years creating a best-in-kind experience by building our staff with marine engineers who have operational experience. Combining their experience with seasoned energy analysts who understand submetering and rates creates a powerful and unmatched team that can diagnose and attack any problem dealing with plant operations and submetering.

Making Complex Systems Easier to Understand

See how our proprietary Energy Stack® works to provide you insight on system performance and where efficiencies can be achieved.

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The Energy StackĀ® is utiliVisor's proprietary software platform that helps submetering and energy plant services customers track and understand their utility consumption.
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If it wasn't for utiliVisor monitoring the performance of three newly installed chillers, faulty equipment would've been accepted 3 years ago and cost the hospital hundreds of thousands of dollars in additional repair costs. Thanks to utiliVisor's analysis and people, it cost the hospital zero.

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