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Why universities need recharging / submetering

In order to keep student costs down, facility operators in higher ed often are forced to focus on keeping things running, rather than on being as efficient as possible. 

But to achieve campus sustainability goals, operators need the experience and know-how to determine if their systems are working as well as they can be. Facility directors and operators are under enormous pressure to reduce the amount of utility consumption and achieve a carbon-neutral footprint.

They need to be able to:

  • Index energy consumption to reduce carbon footprint and energy reduction
  • Allocate costs / recharge for utility usage
  • Report on the utility costs associated with particular schools or departments (e.g., dentistry)
  • Capture revenue from high-earning departments and facilities
  • Identify (and then decrease) the cost of operations and utilities through department awareness and education
  • Meet board-mandated sustainability goals
  • Know each area's baseline and consumption patterns (often required for public universities)
  • Measure and validate energy conservation measures (ECMs) 
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How utiliVisor can help

Put away your pen and clipboard and collaborate with a partner who understands facilities and administrative priorities.

Help With Meter Reading and Data Access

  • utiliVisor’s meter readers record your manual meter readings in our app, which are immediately checked for anomalies by the reader and by our Operations Center staff.
  • Streamlining manually or remotely read meters increases accuracy, making for easier department billing and freeing staff time.
  • Monthly meter readings, via remote or manually read meters, are reviewed for anomalies by our Operations Center’s billing analysts. 
  • Download your harmonized, verified data 24/7/365 through our mobile app and customer web portal.

Help With Sustainability Goals

  • Auditable tracking is the first step toward reducing your carbon footprint.
  • Be able to clearly show students and staff what you're doing to reduce the carbon footprint and show how actions impact results.
  • Establishing building baselines is key to better use of utilities, verification of energy conservation measures, and applying for financial incentives

Insight From 40+ Years of Experience

  • We keep records on every system we work, so we have data on what is achievable
  • Third-party review of billing by utiliVisor’s Operations Center provides transparency and increases stakeholder confidence in resulting invoices. 
  • Allocating common area costs among stakeholders is easier with verified data on utility consumption.
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With accurate submetering information, sustainability becomes a virtuous — rather than a vicious — cycle.
It's freed up operational time. Having a third party serving as an auditor, watching and looking for different discrepancies, it’s a huge win overall. We have saved operational time by having that level of oversight....

You can't manage what you can't measure. You don’t really know how to support a larger strategic effort if you don’t know what and how these elements are influencing it. The utility consumption reports will start to give our campus community the tools that they need to start making these strategic decisions for behavioral awareness, investments in energy efficiency, and strategic capital planning.

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