What Is Utility Submetering and Why Should You Do It?

Get better visibility into your utility usage

Collect and validate utility data in your different departments or service areas and see where your utilities are really being used.

What is submetering?

A building owner, real estate portfolio manager, or facility director can add meters behind the utility's meter to track and baseline the amount of utilities consumed in individual service areas throughout a property, such as employee offices, restaurants, data centers, and common areas – each area includes a multitude of utility types. 

With utility submetering (aka sub-metering or recharging), commercial property management firms, building owners, universities and colleges, multi-tenant multi-use retail establishments, and hospitals and research facilities can bill tenants or departments for their actual measured utility usage and work with them to reduce utility costs and energy consumption.

Floor plan showing two floors of one business with multiple uses including galleries, public space, offices, equipment, and kitchen/restaurant areas
Floor plan of a commercial building's service areas that includes galleries, public spaces, offices and admin, equipment areas, and a small restaurant and kitchen

With accurate, verifiable submetering data: 

  • Cost allocation is based on usage, not square footage. 
  • The energy consumption in service areas is vastly different.
  • Energy savings and sustainability goals are more easily met through visibility of real-time consumption tied to actual utility rates.
  • Building owners and facility managers can work with tenants/departments to improve energy efficiency and reduce utility costs. 
  • Tenants and departments have more control over their budgets and energy efficiency.
  • Validation and persistence for building upgrades are straightforward and readily achievable.

Reasons to submeter with utiliVisor

Why Submeter?

Save money and increase energy efficiency with the right people, experience, and software

utiliVisor's submetering services provide property owners, facility managers, and tenants the ability to:

Manage and measure utility consumption for maximum cost recovery on Day 1 of lease

Ensure tenants are billed accurately

Validate design / retrofit

Track performance and comply with legislation and/or ESG requirements

Receive alerts when consumption is outside typical range

Visualize energy usage

Make reporting easier

Identify high-energy users

Baseline, identify, and track the performance of new energy conservation measures (ECMs), LEED tracking, and key performance indicators