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Helping commercial property owners satisfy tenant comfort and still improve NOI

If you only monitor utilities through the utility's meters, you don't know how much each building or tenant is actually using. Get submetering services that give you verifiable, accurate utility data based on actual tenant usage. 

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I think it's good to have somebody with such industry knowledge just be able to support and back up our analysis and our answers — both internally from an accounting perspective and our budget, as well as when presenting data to tenants. It's a real good backup....

There's so much intertwining data and it's got to be so precise. Speaking from the data center side and the commercial side, it was such an allocation of time to build those formulas, and everything else already took so many man-hours to do. I'd say that was the biggest reluctance to getting started.

The Challenges of Submetering Commercial Properties

The end to manual data entry, constant billing disputes, and overblown budgets

Property management is supposed to be about signing new tenants, collecting rent, and making sure the property is well maintained.

But instead of being the captain of their ship, many owners and property managers end up below decks, bailing madly and trying to find where they're taking on water.

Submetering plugs the holes in your cost allocations by helping you:

  • Decrease common area costs
  • Readily manage tenant turnover
  • Stop dealing with error-riddled spreadsheets 
  • Easily visualize your tenant utility usage and consumption patterns
The utiliVisor Difference

Unmatched submetering services

utiliVisor is not like other submetering companies. We are not a software-only company that happens to work in submetering.

We are: 

  • A full-service, family-operated engineering company with 4 decades of experience in building operations and maintenance 
  • A team of systems engineers, analysts, and computing specialists who know how to help commercial properties become more energy efficient and more profitable

With utiliVisor as your submetering partner, you get access to our Energy Stack® software, which efficiently collects, tracks, and prepares submetering data for analysis, either by us or in your own third-party tool.

You also get:

  • Effective, flexible submetering plans that keep you ahead of tenant turnover
  • Help bringing old equipment and systems into the 21st century
  • Certified, accurate meter readings that increase tenant trust and decrease disputes
  • Real-time smart alerts on real anomalies, not system hiccups 
  • Billing packages that have been checked for accuracy before tenants see them 
  • A hub of experts who will engage proactively with your team to answer questions, assist with billing disputes, and advise you of any issues
  • 24/7/365 access to your data through our mobile app and customer web portal
  • 40+ years of historical perspective and context on your data, based on properties similar to yours
Another big piece [about submetering] is on our accounting side, because we have our own internal accounting. These bills need to go out every month to tenants, and utilivisor has made that a streamlined process. It gets loaded into accounting, and they take the data and send it out as our invoice, which has really reduced our internal need to manage that data.

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