Submetering for Retail and Shopping Malls

Lower your utility costs and raise your bottom line with accurate submetering

Reduce common area costs, and better allocate and recoup tenant costs with utility data based on actual tenant usage.

Retail shopping center and utility costs and energy data submetering

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Challenges Solved

Why shopping malls and retail spaces need submetering

Retail properties are complex. The types of tenants vary widely, as do tenant utility needs and consumption patterns. This makes tracking tenant utility usage complicated. 

You could allocate utility cost by square footage, but that often doesn't reflect actual usage from leased spaces. And no tenant wants to pay more than their fair share. 

Submetering gives retail properties a way to capture true utility usage and transparently allocate those expenses to each tenant. Submetering helps you:

  • Measure multiple utilities throughout your property (such as electric, chilled water, hot water, steam, water, gas, and condenser water)
  • More easily manage tenant turnover
  • Better calculate common area charges among tenants
  • Expose anomalies between different types of businesses and the “industry norm” so that energy costs can be accurately billed without missing cost recoupment opportunities
  • Collect the data needed to apply for utility incentives

The utiliVisor Difference

Submetering support from experts passionate about saving you money

utiliVisor is not like other submetering companies. We are not a software company — we are a full-service, family-operated engineering company with 4 decades of experience in helping to monetize building operations.  We are a team of systems engineers, analysts and computing specialists who know how to help commercial properties become more energy efficient and more profitable.

With utiliVisor as your submetering partner, you get our Energy Stack® software, which efficiently collects, tracks, and prepares submetering data for analysis, either by us or in your own third-party tool.

You also get:

  • Verifiable, accurate reading of meters that increases cost transparency with tenants
  • Engineering expertise in allocating common area cost among tenants
  • Real-time reporting of anomalies with alert notifications
  • Billing packages that have been scrutinized for accuracy before tenants see them
  • 40+ years of historical data and information on industry trends to help multi-use, multi-tenant retail spaces understand and improve their utility monitoring and efficiency
  • A dedicated team of submetering experts to answer questions, assist with billing disputes, and advise you of any issues
  • 24/7/365 access to your data through our mobile app and customer web portal
Common area costs come directly out of the owner's pocket. Submetering makes sure that tenants are billed correctly, with reports that are on time, detailed, and efficient.

Want to see how submetering can help you recoup utility costs and save money?

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