Local Submetering Topics

And I think when building owners are confused, their default is to do nothing. And that's the most dangerous thing a building owner can be doing right now.

— Jennifer Kearney (speaking about NYC Local Law 97), energy procurement consultant & partner, Gotham 360
Serving the US While Keeping an Eye on Local Submetering Topics

Local submetering considerations

Submetering is often the solution to avoiding excess utility bills. utiliVisor services companies throughout the US, keeping an eye on various local submetering topics that affect our customers. 

vector graphic of a commercial building
As a building owner, leasing agent, or tenant, do you understand the impact of NYC's local laws?
Building tenant lease agreement with document, pen, and key
New York building owners: Recoup utility costs and perhaps profit on electric redistribution?
Single Double Triple Net Leases
Subject to triple-net-plus leases? (Chicago, Boston, cities in Texas, other)