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"utiliVisor is a system, but it's also a method. It's really a relationship between the onsite personnel—the operators—and someone with both an understanding of what they have to do and some extra computer savvy to help them get more out of the system that they have. 

"If it's an investment item that an operator noticed is having a problem, I can draw out that issue and say what's going to happen if you address it, and I can put a dollar value on making that change. Increasing uptime on equipment is a major benefit to any site."

— Ed Harvey, lead systems engineer, utiliVisor’s Operations Center
How We Help Clients
A sounding board for usage and performance

Practical Answers to Complicated Problems

Operations budgets are constantly under scrutiny, and facility teams are chronically understaffed. Yet the lights, heat, AC, and power have to stay on.

At the same time, maintaining operational equipment is not like changing your car's oil or replacing a fuse in an old house. The systems that conduct and transform a building's, or a campus's, energy are both complex and complicated, and every one of them is unique.

Keeping this web of machines, pipes, and permits going requires sensitive handling in order to manage equipment that is:

  • Essential, with little-to-no room for error, downtime, or added expense
  • Rich in data but light on actionable information   
  • Inflexible, resulting in systems that fight with each other 

How the Operations Center Can Help

For over forty years, we’ve worked alongside chief engineers, operations teams, facility managers, building owners, portfolio managers, and sustainability directors in thousands of buildings, handling every type of equipment in the operational universe.

We know what you’re dealing with and how to do it. We can help you:

  • Correct faulty metering systems so you can recoup your tenant utilities  
  • Determine costs of COVID-related air exchange requirements in older loops
  • Increase tenant awareness around energy usage & lower emissions penalties
  • Identify why a particular tenant is always too hot or too cold (and what to do about it)
  • Compare your budget with your actuals to verify that savings are on track

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There When You Need Us

Your Own Dedicated Team of Engineers and Data Analysts

Forget calling an automated customer service center and going through layers of representatives who only know the script on their screen. When you partner with utiliVisor, you’re always talking with someone who knows your account, your equipment, and your goals.

Experience Expertise & Service

Deliverables for Operations Center Customers

Complex businesses deserve insights that solve problems and answer questions.

The Operations Center provides:

  • Checks on daily operational changes
  • Insight and alerts on anomalies in real time
  • Monthly reports on attained savings or savings opportunities
  • Technical support for data interruptions
  • Analysis and solutions for system problems to find and maintain energy savings
  • Compliance support for both federal and local reporting requirements
  • Assistance in finding and qualifying for utility incentives
"We have our budgets all laid out for the year. Now we want Erich [utiliVisor's lead engineer] to help us take the actuals and do a comparable to our budget so that we can really take a deep dive into that and figure out where we're going for next year's budget.

"The Operations Center is instrumental in helping us project what our costs are going to be. Some of your costs you don’t know.

"Say you have a new tenant coming in and they're going to occupy another 100,000 square feet. What is that going to cost? They help us with that."
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