Saving 15% with Energy Plant and Metering Services | Video | utiliVisor

Video Transcription

Sal Gentile, Hartz Mountain  0:03  
Chiller plants are an ongoing, very expensive tool and piece of equipment within a building. Failure to properly control, meter and operate this type of equipment can be very costly, both in terms of energy efficiency, as well as in expense for repair. 

Sal Gentile, Hartz Mountain  0:22  
The most important feature, a company can offer related to the chiller and plant management is the ongoing review and continual supervision of the operations of the systems. Without that, you will not maximize performance of the plant and money will be wasted in energy efficiency. 

Sal Gentile, Hartz Mountain  0:41  
After the initial reports received, we were able to discern how much energy savings we're driving down with utiliVisor. And I discovered a 15% overall energy reduction, not just on the mechanical plant but on the overall building account. That's what wowed me.

Sal Gentile, Hartz Mountain  1:00  
A very important aspect of partnering with any company in this field is their ongoing commitment to service excellence. Many things change each day, out within the field, and whoever you partner with must be able to adapt to those changing the changing environment, both from a mechanical standpoint, as well as a controls standpoint. 

Sal Gentile, Hartz Mountain  1:21  
The field has gotten so technically advanced, and the disciplines so widespread, that it's very difficult for somebody on the real estate end to stay up with all the current trends and information being presented. Having UP&M* out there in front on these types of issues enables us to look at many different options prior to bringing them into our group and trying to deploy them.

*UP&M is the original name for utiliVisor