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New Chiller Plant Saves $Millions at One New York Plaza

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Nov 11, 2014 (2 min read)
One New York Plaza building in New York with many windows, photo credit Andrew Milligan

Photo credit: Andrew Milligan, CC BY-SA 2.0

One New York Plaza

One New York Plaza is a 50 story multi-use Class ‘A’ office building located in Downtown Manhattan. The building contains a data center for an institutional banking and financial services company.

New Equipment at the Central Plant

The central plant at the building was upgraded with new chillers to increase the efficiency of chilled water production. The new plant was a 13,000 ton tri-fuel plant, built with gas, steam and electric chillers.

The building wanted to:

  • Verify the energy savings from new equipment.
  • Ensure that the machines were operating at design efficiency.

Energy Saving Opportunities

The utiliVisor system gathers data from two different systems the building management system monitoring the chillers and, an ION monitoring service monitoring electrical consumption in the tenant spaces.

utiliVisor pulls the data together for the operating staff, and with assistance from the utiliVisor Operations Center in analyzing the data, determined the:

  • Most energy and cost efficient method of chiller sequencing based on current utility rates.
  • The strategy to deliver maximum Free Cooling to the building – based on the season.
  • Cumulative cost savings from the installation of the new chiller plant.


utiliVisor currently provides cost reporting analysis to the building detailing the energy saved by building the new chiller plant and implementing utiliVisor operating recommendations. utiliVisor has identified $4.2 million dollars in energy savings for the years 2009 and 2010.

Energy Oversight + Insight

Industry: Commercial Real Estate Class A
Location: New York, NY
Central Chiller Plant: 13,000 Tons
Implementation: utiliVisor Energy Plant Services

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