utiliVisor Delivers Energy Submetering Solution To Eleven Times Square

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Nov 11, 2014
11 Times Square Office Tower

Photo credit: Quercus montana, CC BY-SA 4.0

Eleven Times Square

The newest addition to the Midtown Manhattan skyline, Eleven Times Square – a 40 floor ‘Class A’ office tower – is one of New York City’s premier commercial properties.

utiliVisor provides utility submetering and tenant billing for complex commercial applications. Tenant billing provides the owner with a customizable, expandable, and dependable process for owners to recover utility costs from their leaseholders.

Energy Metering Services

When SJP properties, developer and owner of Eleven Times Square, approached utiliVisor with its needs, utiliVisor:

  • Designed an expandable web based utility grade submetering system that monitors tenant space and consumption remotely.
  • Tested, reconciled, and proved the accuracy of the system to ensure end-to-end cost recovery.
  • The utiliVisor system’s unique handling of interval data enables it to seamlessly calculate coincidental demand, which would otherwise be impossible to do accurately and efficiently.

The system can be easily expanded to steam, chilled water and Condenser water measurement for supplemental A/C units.

Billing and Rates Analysis

Our experts provide billing and utility rate analysis by organizing data from the building and submetering system, and then applying our process of:

  • Documenting the tenant lease and proper billing procedures.
  • Reviewing and auditing bills to apply itemized utility rates.
  • Using utiliVisor’s unique CAVEE process, which ensures data is correctly associated with the customer, has the capability to identify faulty data and make accurate estimates of usage based on past history.

This process allows our experts to audit every utility bill and piece of energy meter data to deliver accurate and verifiable billing for the facility – every time.

The Results

utiliVisor’s web-based submetering services and billing analysis are backed by the support of an experienced submetering team. utiliVisor has enabled Eleven Times Square to account for utility consumption costs from their tenant all in a completely verifiable manner. In addition, the tenant has found the transparent nature of the process a welcome benefit.

Energy Oversight + Insight

Industry: Commercial Real Estate Class A
Location: New York, NY
Scope: Built a Sophisticated Energy Submetering and Tenant Billing System
Implementation: utiliVisor Energy Metering Services

About utiliVisor

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