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Quick Payback of NYSERDA Incentives at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

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Nov 11, 2014 (3 min read)
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This Premier Cancer Center provides patient care, research and educational programs along with being staffed by the world’s best physicians and scientists. The facilities are constantly renovating and expanding to meet the growing needs of their patients in their fight against cancer.

With a combined total chilled water generation capacity of 23,000 tons, the district energy plant utilizes both Steam and Electric Chillers to produce chilled water to over one million square feet of hospital and research facilities. This private cancer center turned to utiliVisor to help reduce its multi-million dollar energy bill through energy efficiency.

utiliVisor Implementation

The installation of utiliVisor was a two-part process Memorial Sloan Kettering consisting of the installation of a utility grade measurement system for chilled water production and collection of data in a format for detailed analysis over the web and continuous energy oversight from a team of experienced professionals working with the facility operations of the building. Their recommendations included resetting the condenser water supply schedule to coincide with changes in the wetbulb temperature, optimizing equipment selection based on the plant’s hybrid fuel configuration and maximizing free cooling.


Implementation of the recommendations resulted a 1,547,861.09 reduction in kWh in 12 months.

The cost of the two year project is $395,965 with a financial incentive of $155,991 provided by NYSERDA. Through the New York Energy $martsm program utiliVisor was able to reduce the chiller plants energy consumption 1,547,861 kWh with a simple payback of 1.18 years, excluding NYSERDA funding.

New York Energy $martsm

All New York Energy $martsm programs are funded by a system Benefits Charge (SBC) paid by electric distribution customers of Central Hudson, Con Edison, NYSEF, Niagara Mohawk, Orange and Rockland, and Rochester Gas and Electric. NYSERDA, a public benefit corporation established by law in 1975, administers SBC funds and programs under an agreement with the Public Service Commission.

New York Energy $martsm programs are designed to lower electricity costs by encouraging energy efficiency as the State’s electric utilities move to competition. The programs are available to electric distribution customers (residential, commercial, institutional, and industrial) who pay into the SBC.

My staff and I use utiliVisor constantly for improving operation of our Chilled Water Plant. The real time energy plant services provided by utiliVisor in participation with NYSERDA is unique and allows us to sustain energy savings while identifying additional problems that we weren’t aware existed. utiliVisor was worth the investment and we are looking to expanding utiliVisor’s services to other critical building systems.

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