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Making Complex Systems Easier To Understand

See how our proprietary Energy Stack® works to provide you insight into how your system is performing and where efficiencies can be achieved.

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- [Woman] Making smart energy decisions for buildings and facilities without accurate reliable data gets complicated quickly.

Building systems, equipment, and multi-utility type submetering systems currently in place can be overwhelming to understand - how much energy is really being consumed,

the complexities, cost, and labor around data collection and tenant billing and the expertise and time required to analyze data for improving efficiency, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and effective utility billing allocation.

To start, energy data comes from multiple sources with different measurements, rate intervals, and charges.

Internal and external sources also apply, such as weather normalization, building usage, and industry-standard benchmarks.

The integration of forecast data and predictive models is essential to accurately forecast heating and cooling loads, electric demand, and utility costs and to predict energy insights for unique site and system constraints.

Submetering is a complex problem that requires software, analytical tools, and large data sets and analysis.

utiliVisor brings over 40 years of experience, with the knowledge and expertise to understand complex building systems and utilities.

Staffed with engineers and billing analysts, our Operations Center helps you understand your building's energy data.

Our team of experts has the skill, depth, and breadth to translate energy data into accessible information for making actionable decisions.

utiliVisor's Energy Stack® is a proprietary process that formulates general-purpose energy data into energy information by collecting all energy information from individual sources.

This information is validated, scrubbed, audited, and benchmarked, turning it into near real-time accurate interval energy data.

Energy plants and buildings use our Energy Stack® to handle submetering, tenant billing, energy reporting, energy plant optimization, cost allocations by department, energy rates specific to location, and data sync into third-party tools.

To support the Energy Stack®, our Operations Center energy analysts and engineers will give you access to real-time insights and alerts via a web app and mobile applications,

transparent energy usage for billing, auditing, and invoicing,

continuous energy oversight of buildings and plants with possible increases in utility revenue,

verification of effective implementation of energy conservation measures, and predictions of key energy performance indicators.

utiliVisor's Energy Stack® provides your buildings and facilities with actionable data and benchmarks for better decision-making.

Through our submetering and tenant submetering applications, your energy usage and demand is accurately measured.

Our process streamlines and validates complex energy strategies for ongoing cost and energy savings, turning your complex energy data into actionable steps, saving you money and energy from day one.

The Energy Stack®, transforming your energy data into actionable information.

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