What's Important in Chiller Plant Management Systems | Video | utiliVisor

Video Transcription

Bill Geiling, Wyeth Pharmaceuticals

Bill Geiling  0:05  
What's important to me in chiller plant management is providing the best service for our customers at the most economical cost possible. 

Bill Geiling  0:13  
Well we measure success by the amount of money we saved from energy. We also measure success by the innovation and ideas that come forth as a result of the partnership. 

Bill Geiling  0:23  
The selection criteria, first of all, was to choose a firm which had people who were technically very, very knowledgeable on our operations. Also, a firm which was not associated with an equipment supplier so there would be no conflict of interest when they made the recommendations to us. 

Bill Geiling  0:41  
My expectations with our partners and vendors is that they're onboard, they're fully engaged, and they're part of our team. They're supporting our mission as much as we're supporting theirs. 

Bill Geiling  0:52  
utiliVisor wowed us when they put together a program which incorporated our hourly fluctuating electrical rates into our operating matrix which allowed us to run the best equipment at the best time based on the rates from our utility. 

Bill Geiling  1:06  
Before UP&M* came on board, we were basically running blind. They helped us to get to the point now where we're running extremely efficiently and saving a lot of money on energy. 

Bill Geiling  1:18  
Well UP&M is like having an extra employee, an expert in the field on our team working in our facility.

*UP&M is the former name of utiliVisor