How utiliVisor Helps Reduce Energy Consumption in Buildings | Video | utiliVisor

Video Transcription

Richard Angerame, President and CEO, utiliVisor

Richard Angerame  0:02  
Buildings represent a very large percentage, as much as 40%, of the energy consumed in the United States today. And by focusing on this area, we believe through, with utiliVisor, and being able to focus on the long-term, we can provide savings and identify the best solutions. And again, they may be in all different aspects,  they can be in performance of machines and machine improvements. But being able to separate each area and be able to understand what its costs are and how they relate to operating logic is really the key to utiliVisor. 

Richard Angerame  0:37  
Each of these systems has savings in hundreds of 1000s of dollars a year. And many cases, we start out with even getting savings in the first 30 days. It adds up over time and is sustained. So it's not something as a one time thing, but it continues and it can be validated. 

Richard Angerame  0:55  
In order to identify the most optimum strategy for a large central plant facility. You need to be able to understand what the energy costs are for all the auxiliaries and central plant equipment. utiliVisor allows us to make that combination of both measurement and actually be able to calculate dollars in operating costs. So therefore, we can now analyze what the best operating strategy is and prove the savings. 

Richard Angerame  1:21  
Whether you're using submetering to manage internal cost allocations or looking to improve your central plant efficiency, utiliVisor's the answer. With oversight services, clients receive insight and advice which makes the difference in helping America save energy.