Get back more of your utility costs.

Recoup your utility expenses with submetering.

Submetering (or installing meters behind the utility meter) measures energy use in designated areas of your building. 

Submetering is the most accurate way to measure a space's true utility consumption. It's also essential to:

  • Meeting tenant comfort (without overusing your systems)
  • Allocating tenant vs. common area costs
  • Extending the life of your equipment
  • Ensuring accurate billing packages

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Tenant billing made easy.

utiliVisor has been helping property owners and managers visualize, reduce, and recoup energy costs for over 40 years. Our platform alerts you to disparities in utility readings and gives you instant access to the data you need to meet emissions limits and validate efficiency measures. And our billing experts prepare your tenant invoices according to the terms of each tenant lease and TOU rates to make sure you get back your costs. 

In 2021 alone, we monitored over 50,000 meters and saved our clients more than $19 million in spreadsheet errors, rate discrepancies, and performance problems.


Worried you don't have time to move and set up your data somewhere new? 

Our certified systems engineers and billing analysts integrate your existing system into a remote-read, exportable system. Access and download your data from anywhere into the software of your choice.

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Recoup more of your utility expenses – easily, quickly, and accurately.

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