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Save energy with submetering.

Submetering (or installing meters behind the utility meter) measures energy use in designated areas of your property. 

As the most accurate measurement of a space's true utility consumption, submetering is also essential to:

  • Understanding building energy use throughout a campus
  • Lowering carbon emissions (and validating your impact)
  • Planning realistically for future operational needs

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See the impact of your sustainability efforts in real time.

utiliVisor has been helping campus operations teams visualize, reduce, and recoup energy costs for over 40 years. Our platform gives you instant access to the data you need to optimize performance, meet sustainability and budget goals, and identify variances before they become problems. 

In 2021 alone, we monitored over 50,000 meters and saved our clients more than $19 million.

Worried you don't have time to move and set up your data? 

Our certified systems engineers and billing analysts integrate your existing system into a remote-read, exportable system you can access and download from anywhere.

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