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Maximizing Condenser Water Reset Schedule Saves Hartz Mountain Industries $93,000

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Oct 28, 2014 (3 min read)
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Hartz Mountain Industries

Hartz Mountain Industries is one of the largest privately held real estate owners/developers in the United States, owns and operates 15 Exchange Place, located in Jersey City, New Jersey. This 135,500 sq ft was built in 1900 but renovated in the 1990s.

Supplemental Cooling at 15 Exchange is provided by water cooled packaged DX Air Handling Units which are fed by a Primary/Secondary Condenser Water system from a plate and frame heat exchanger.

Energy Saving Opportunities

After the 2010 installation of a new Plate and Frame Heat Exchanger and Cooling Tower, the following items were recommended by the operations center;

  • Condenser Water Reset Schedule
  • Speed Control sequencing for Cooling Tower Fans
  • Reducing outside air lockout temperature
  • The condenser water was not being controlled at the lowest achievable temperature through all seasons of operation.

The Solution

Implementing the condenser water reset schedule increased Cooling Tower Fan efficiency as well as compressor savings in the Air Handlers. Reducing the condenser water supply temperature resulted in 5-10% savings (per each degree lowered) at the compressors.

The Results

utiliVisor’s recommendations proved effective with cost savings to date totaling almost $93,000 and a 20% reduction in electrical consumption (kWh).

The most important feature a company can offer related to the chiller and plant management is the ongoing and continual supervision of the operations of the systems without that you will not maximize the performance of the plant and money will be wasted in energy efficiencyā€¯.

Energy Oversight & Insight

Industry: Commercial Real Estate Class A
Location: Jersey City, NJ
Implementation: utiliVisor Energy Plant Services
Savings since utiliVisor installation: $92,796
Electrical Reduction (kWh): 563,199 kWh

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