utiliVisor Receives Top Recognition for RTEM Services

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Jan 07, 2019 (3 min read)
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utiliVisor Recognized For Utility Real Time Energy Monitoring Services

utiliVisor received top recognition at NYSERDA’s recent fall RTEM Vendor Breakfast. The Real Time Energy Management (RTEM) program recognized top-performing vendors offering utility Real Time Energy Monitoring Services. Over 150 vendors applied for the RTEM program, and utiliVisor was ranked #2 based on consistent utility savings generated for clients. Both utiliVisor and NYSERDA’s commitment to a more energy-efficient future is creating new opportunities for property owners to reduce operating and utility costs while maintaining comfort and productivity.

Partnership For Efficient Energy

In 2016, utiliVisor became a NYSERDA-qualified RTEM vendor. Their real-time data measurement and comprehensive monitoring and metering solutions offers owners and managers the ability to optimize their energy use utilizing expert operations engineers and customized data analytics. This work continues to support RTEM’s mission to create smarter buildings and facilities through the transformation of energy management and consumption.

Utility Metering Solutions

utiliVisor’s partnership with the RTEM program has resulted in significant reductions in energy consumption and cost for projects across New York.

In December 2017, utiliVisor was hired to implement RTEM for continuous energy oversight of the chilled water plant and chilled distribution at one of the major cancer centers in New York. Not only did their management improve the operations of existing systems, but utiliVisor also identified electric savings adding up to 151,211 (kWh) and over $44,000 in energy cost savings.

While under construction in 2018, New York University Hospital for Joint Diseases hired utiliVisor to implement RTEM for continuous energy oversight of the chilled water plant and chilled distribution at the NYU HJD facility. The facility was already using utiliVisor to assist the operators as another tool in optimizing the generation of chilled water and steam. Without requiring any additional hardware, utiliVisor established performance thresholds, defined the best operating parameters, and identified operational issues that the client was unaware of. This resulted in an estimated annual energy savings of 173,362.46 (kWh) and annual estimated energy cost savings of over $29,000.

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