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May 13, 2019 (2 min read)
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Energy management software assumes that a one-size-fits-all approach will work for all facilities, but every facility has different, already existing systems that require a uniquely tailored solution.

Submetering and billing software often seem like the solution to the overwhelm of spreadsheets and the need for accurate utility billing. But is it? Here’s what you may not know about an energy management software: you’re locked in – to the software specifications, structure, and processes – even if they don’t support all your needs. You’re stuck.

What You’ll Find Out Too Late (The Dirty Secret You’ll Find Out After Purchasing)

Energy management software assumes that the one-size-fits-all approach will work for all facilities, but every facility has different, already existing systems that require uniquely tailored solutions. An energy management software doesn’t have the flexibility and modification capabilities to offer personalization for individual buildings or campuses.

Software is static. This is a problem for managers and owners because they need a system that adapts to different utilities, processes, and tools that are already in place.

What They Won’t Share About Energy Management Software

The software requires that you adapt to it. Your systems must be modified to fit the software –  even if your systems are changing – they must change within the scope of software capabilities.  It becomes a situation where you’re serving the software instead of the software serving your specific needs. If you aren’t happy with the way the software and your systems interact, the software sits unused.

You Need A Management System To Achieve Real Energy Solutions

You can achieve energy savings and generate final utility bills without being locked into one software that doesn’t adapt to you. Energy efficiency is achievable with a software agnostic platform and the support of energy service providers. With a platform that can be personalized to meet the needs of any system in place, and a team of energy experts, facilities can have the best of both worlds:  a tool that delivers personalized, streamlined processes and the support of technical energy experts that will not only put the system in place, but also provide on-going management and service.


An energy management software could work for your facility, but you won’t know until you’ve spent the money. And what if it doesn’t work? What if it just doesn’t do what you need at your facility? The software sits. Real energy solutions offer you flexibility and on-going support, so you have the peace of mind in knowing that as your systems evolve, your energy solution will evolve with you.

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