Is RTEM right for you?

Not actually for pirates, real-time energy management (RTEM or "arr-tem") is a monitoring strategy for achieving long-lasting performance efficiencies in complex properties. Facilities like Memorial Sloan Kettering are using RTEM to operate more efficiently.
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Molly McBeath, Content Writer, utiliVisor
Oct 26, 2023 (5 min read)
(l to r) Thomas Yeh, NYSERDA, Ed Harvey, utiliVisor, Jonathan Liang, Memorial Sloane Kettering speaking at a NYSERDA RTEM Talks event

What is RTEM?

Real-time energy management is both a system and a service. On the system side, RTEM is a technology that sends a live feed of the building’s performance data to a web portal, where it is analyzed for efficiency opportunities or insight into operations as they occur. The insights from RTEM help properties see their energy usage and system performance more granularly, as well as more strategically.

Is real-time data really that essential?

It may surprise you, but energy efficiencies frequently go unseen for lack of visibility into the building system as a whole. It’s similar to looking into a room in very dim light and then turning the light on. What used to appear as weird dark lumps suddenly become crisp, colorful, and clear once you can see.

By continuously analyzing the live data feed, engineers can make real-time recommendations to the site that conserve energy while serving demand. If you can see the set points and where they are at a given point in time, for example, you can see how to manipulate your set points for better results, or change parameters, turn equipment off, switch equipment, manage pinch points, or otherwise provide actionable suggestions to the onsite operations team.

Is RTEM right for you?

ENERGY STAR calculated that a 10% decrease in energy use could lead to a 1.5% increase in net operating income, with NOI climbing as savings grow. With energy representing one-third of the typical operating budget, more efficient operations can translate into many thousands of dollars added to your bottom line.

Big-picture benefits of RTEM

  • Understand the true cost per square foot of your property(ies)
  • Adjust energy usage to avoid peak demand charges
  • Proactively identify faulty equipment and reduce unexpected maintenance
  • Identify optimal settings and controls for every season and occupancy level
  • Stay on budget and competitive in your market

See RTEM in action

The Josie Robertson Surgery Center (part of Memorial Sloan Kettering) started with NYSERDA’s RTEM program in 2017. Since that time, JRSC has reduced the condenser approach, increased free cooling, determined the optimal AHU schedule and set that to be automatic, and lowered the AHU preheat valve operations.

How much has been saved so far?

  • 523,000 total kWh energy savings
  • $53,200 energy cost reduction (annually)
  • 14.65% reduction in site energy use intensity (EUI)


Get the details on how using RTEM lowered EUI, even when the facility added Saturday surgeries in 2019.

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Importance of M&V

How important is M&V in the reporting of savings?

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RTEM challenges

What was your biggest challenge you encountered?

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How do you recommend a healthcare facility to begin their RTEM journey?

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