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How a NJ Commercial Property Maximizes Free Cooling

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Nov 11, 2014 (2 min read)
a building at 200 Plaza Drive with a bridge connecting to the entrance

Maximizing Free Cooling

Hartz Mountain Industries is one of the largest privately held real estate owners/developers in the United States, owns and operates 200 Plaza Drive, located in Secaucus, New Jersey. This 264,347 sq ft building was completed in 1981 with several of the nation’s top businesses as tenants.

Supplemental Cooling at 200 Plaza Drive is provided by four Roof Top Units that serve a respective quadrant from the 1st to 4th floors. Heat is delivered throughout the building by circulating hot water through perimeter radiation and fan coil units located in the parking garage.

Energy Saving Opportunities

By collecting, monitoring and analyzing data from the BMS, the utiliVisor operations center was able to discover the following:

  • The Outside Air Temperature Lockout on the Boiler was set very high based on initial manufacture settings.
  • Incorrect boiler operation was limiting “Free Cooling” hours
  • Supply Air Temperature setpoints were set very low during winter months and overcooling the tenant spaces.

The Solution

utiliVisor was able to document energy savings with its energy management approach, that changed setpoints and tracked space temperature to ensure tenant comfort.

The Results

utiliVisor’s recommendations proved effective with cost savings to date totaling almost $29,000 and a 8% reduction in total building electrical consumption.

Energy Oversight + Insight

Industry: Commercial Real Estate Class “A”
Location: Secaucus, NJ
Implementation: utiliVisor Energy Plant Services
Savings since utiliVisor installation: $28,488
Energy Reduction (kWh): 150,715 kWh

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