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Submetering Mobile App

Actionable data at your fingertips

Replace spreadsheets, PDFs, and the black box approach with the data you need to quickly and confidently answer tenant and owner questions. Backed by a team of energy experts.

Trusted by our customers

accurate submetering data

“If you give the wrong answer or information, they lose confidence.”

Tenants and owners have a lot of questions. And you don’t have time to sift through reports, service ticket emails, or fancy charts to get the real-time information they’re looking for.

You need:

Accurate, easy-to-understand data you can rely on

A team of energy experts monitoring your energy 24/7

A streamlined approach to submetering service calls

Introducing utiliVisor's Mobile Application for Submetering

Transparent submetering data. So you can quickly answer any energy or billing question

Visibility and insight

Prioritized Issues

Direct Communication

Direct communication with operations center

Streamlined way to initiate service requests

utiliVisor billing analysts & engineering team provide continuous monitoring from our Operations Center. So you have a direct line to energy experts that know your building and move quickly to complete service requests.

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Metrics at your fingertips

Your building utility spend and tenant metered data are digestible and easy to access. The most important data - right when you need it.

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Prioritized Alerts

Letting you see the most important data – instead of all the data

Tracks service completion and serves as a historical reference. So you can resolve submetering and tenant billing problems - faster.

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Tenant Management

Stress-free approach to managing tenant move-in/move-out activity

Tracking tenant move-ins and move-outs doesn’t have to be a hassle. Our streamlined approach means you can bill the tenant day 1 of their lease.

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Streamlining Technology

As a utiliVisor client, we migrate the data for you

You’re pulled in a lot of directions. Streamlining your energy data shouldn’t be one. That’s why your utiliVisor energy expert will make your transition quick and seamless. No matter the software/equipment.

Digestible, submetering data that lets you quickly and confidently answer tenant and owner questions

When you use utiliVisor’s Submetering App you get access to:

Clear insights into energy consumption and energy costs

Direct messaging with your energy analyst at utiliVisor’s Operations Center

Accurate, metered data that promotes intelligent decision-making

Portfolio and building views that let you see all of your property’s and building’s most important data

Real-time alerts from meter reads

Visual overview of non-recovery/billable costs

A fast track to proposal requests and status updates

utiliVisor-facilitated migration no matter the software/equipment

All part of your utiliVisor service package

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