Energy Plant Services

Real-Time Intelligence That Results In
Real-World Solutions

At a time when financial savings are critical to the future of every company and institution, utiliVisor can help you take control of energy expenditures and create a plan to increase efficiencies, train your staff, and save money—all with minimal capital expenditure.

Our web-based approach combines real-time data from your facility with our team’s expertise to provide actionable insights, valuable recommendations, and a plan for optimization.

Far from a one-size-fits-all approach, every plan is uniquely tailored to each facility and changes according to the volatile operating environment your business experiences.

Once the recommended optimizations are put into action, you can expect to see measurable savings within 60 days—with very little capital expenditure on your part.

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True Efficiency Is In The Details

A Plan That Comes With Expert Support

When you enlist our Energy Plant Services, we don’t just hand you a plan and disappear.

We provide the ongoing support and expertise necessary to improve the efficiency of your operation, even when things are changing daily. Below are just a few of the support services we provide:

Our Energy Plant Services Are Ideal For:

The utiliVisor Energy Plant Solution

While other companies look at adding components, selling products and systems separately, we take a holistic approach and continually optimize your entire energy plant.

Our process starts with an analysis of the central energy plant. It examines every facet of energy expenditure, using the existing automation system and other accurate power/energy measurement systems to maximize your savings.

As the efficiency of your plant changes, so do our recommended strategies, ensuring that the savings continue.

Achieving High-Performance All Year Round

Our continuous 5-step process

With efficiency and financial savings as the priority, our approach optimizes your existing systems to perform at the highest possible levels.

Our quality standards, technical proficiency, and unmatched problem-solving skills all come together to provide realistic recommendations that you can act on—and results you can count on.

Diagram of the utilivisor Process, showing client access and the data center with the utiliVisor Operations center