Energy Plant Services

Your Hospital Strives For Quality Health Care and Environmental Sustainability

When you’re a hospital that provides quality health care, you know the importance of continuous improvement in operations and utility management. Unfortunately, traditional approaches to operations and utility management often rely on disjointed methodologies. 

Much like quality health care, achieving operational excellence requires an integrated approach to medical campus utility management, tracking, and billing.

At a time when financial savings are critical to the future of every hospital and medical campus, utiliVisor can help you take control of energy expenditures and create a plan to increase efficiencies, train your staff, and save money—all with minimal capital expenditure.

Some Of The Ways utiliVisor Supports Your On-Site Team In Maintaining A Consistent Comfort Level For Patients:

Picture of utility room

“Operational issues identified... we wouldn’t have otherwise been aware of.”

A Plan That Comes With Expert Support

When you enlist our Energy Plant Services for your medical campus, we don’t just hand you a plan and disappear.

We provide the on-going support and expertise necessary to improve the efficiency of your operation, even when things are changing daily. Here are just a few of the support services we provide:

“utiliVisor has not only been instrumental in helping us reduce our carbon footprint; they have created the capital investment needed for future energy projects on our campus.”
Campus and Facilities Director

Achieving High-Performance All Year Round

Our continuous 5-step process

With efficiency and financial savings as the priority, our approach optimizes your existing systems to perform at the highest possible levels.

Our quality standards, technical proficiency, and unmatched problem-solving skills all come together to provide realistic recommendations that you can act on—and results you can count on.