Energy Plant Services
Commercial Properties

Accurate Utility Management and Maximum Cost Recovery

With energy accountability a more critical factor in today's commercial real estate market, lowering a building's energy costs has become a matter of economic necessity in all types of commercial facilities.

Unfortunately, if an owner or manager wants to increase energy efficiency while decreasing energy costs, there's a level of detail required that owners and managers don't have the time for.

This is why partnering with utiliVisor is critical to achieving long-term energy efficiency. When owners and managers partner with utiliVisor, they have a team of detail-oriented, energy experts monitoring, analyzing, and making recommendations your team can rely on.

We provide the information you need to make daily decisions that lead to sustainable energy solutions.

Some of The Ways Commercial Building Owners and Managers Can Increase Energy Efficiency While Reducing Energy Costs

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"Saved $52,380 with potential for further savings."

A Plan That Comes With Expert Support

When you enlist our Energy Plant Services for your commercial building, we don’t just hand you a plan and disappear.

We provide the on-going support and expertise necessary to improve the efficiency of your operation, even when things are changing daily. Here are just a few of the support services we provide:

“utiliVisor often catches deviations in operating data that the building may never feel, thereby maintaining efficiency and preventing potential equipment damage.”
Facility Director

Achieving High-Performance All Year Round

Our continuous 5-step process

With efficiency and financial savings as the priority, our approach optimizes your existing systems to perform at the highest possible levels.

Our quality standards, technical proficiency, and unmatched problem-solving skills all come together to provide realistic recommendations that you can act on—and results you can count on.