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utiliVisor Mobile Applications

Mobile Applications
Continuous Energy Oversight – Mobile Apps provide real time intelligence from any smartphone or tablet.

Energy Understood
utiliVisor Mobile Apps provide Continuous Energy Oversight of your facility and critical systems in a convenient, easy to use interface for smartphone and tablet devices. Apps enable customized energy information displays to help you keep track of real time facility operations statistics while you are on the move.

Information at your Fingertips
utiliVisor Mobile Apps are real time energy monitoring features that enable:
· Track Energy Plant Performance
· Identify Real Time Facility Energy Demand
· Grant Tenant’s the Information They Need to Reduce Your Cost
· Monetization of Facility Performance
· Take Energy Meter Readings Using Your Smartphone or Tablet

At a time when facility managers and engineers are asked to monitor increasing complex systems with fewer resources, utiliVisor Mobile Apps bring energy eyes and ears to your fingertips.